New BS 1200 Compact Gym - and It Folds !  SPECIAL PRICING.... New BS 1200 Compact Gym - and It Folds ! SPECIAL PRICING....(Reference #BS-1200S)

You'll love the way this machine responds... With Power, safety and precision. Lifetime Warranty

If you thought you didn't have room for a Home Gym...Think again! The Power-Flex Gym is a machine designed to satisfy the most demanding fitness enthusiast. Perform over one hundred professional exercises in you own home. Build well-muscled arms. A defined chest. Chiseled abs. Powerful legs. A stronger back. Add strength, stamina and endurance to every major muscle group in your body with the patented Power-Flex Gym by Body-Solid. Now you can own the latest in home gyms with all the features of machines costing $2000, $3000...even $4000! The Flex Gym is the perfect answer for homes, offices and apartments. This one machine can do it all...and it stores in only 11 square feet of floor space.Compact enough to fit in any room of your house - and designed to look good in it. Versatile enough to provide a total body workout including bench press, leg press, lat pull down, bicep curl, ab crunch and much, much more. Strong enough for the most serious workouts (includes 210 Lb. cast iron weight stack that offers up too 420 Lbs. of resistance at the Leg Press / Calf Press Station). Comfortable pads, rollers and grips allow for low impact workouts. Convenient: use it when you feel like it. No more crowded gyms! Easy to use - comes complete with workout poster and step-by-step instructions that add a very vital element to your workout...Motivation. Enjoy gym quality equipment in your home, office or apartment with the Power-Flex Gym. Guaranteed to give you maximum versatility in a minimum amount of space. 64"H x 32"L x 50"W (folded) 64"H x 32"L x 86"W (unfolded) EXM-1200S #EXM-1200S COMPARE at Retail in Sotre Price $ 880.00

Only while inventory last........ Great buy......