Body Solid EXM 1500S Body Solid EXM 1500S(Reference #EXM-1500S)
Over 30 strength training exercises in one workstation. It's never been easier, or more affordable, to strengthen, condition and tone all your major muscle groups. Designed for the home, this gym is compact and freestanding with precision engineered strength and full range-of-motion exercise movement.


BS 1550 Bi Angular with Leg Press(Reference #EXM-1550)
Accessories included are: Lat Bar, Straight Bar, Utility Strap, Tricep / Ab Strap

New Item ! Biangular Technology! Its here ! What is Biangular technology? It is where scientific innovation meets motion to create the best feeling workout you will ever experience through a controlled and guided converging movement. The unique linkage system is what makes you feel so good by guiding your body through a natural plane of motion. It means better results.... A similar exercise principal is applied to our perfect pec station that allows you to simulate the dumbbell fly while your resistance remains consistent throughout the entire exercise movement. In short, this machine takes all the guess workout of the routine, by creating several biomechanically correct stations that allow you to exercise all the major muscle groups in the comfort of your home. This machine has the press station, , hi pulley, low pulley, leg extension- leg curl station in one package but it also comes with a Leg Press as a standard item, at no additional cost.. Constructed of heavy 12 gauge 2 x 3 inch Steel, powder coated white, commercial grade upholstery, industrial grade pulleys, weight stack enclosures, aircraft cables, and best of all it comes with a Life Time Warranty.
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BS 1550 Bi Angular with Leg Press