EXM 1900 Home Gym EXM 1900 Home Gym(Reference #EXM1900)
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Take strength training beyond conventional exercise motion! The NEW EXM1900S Cable Action™ Home Gym by Body-Solid is a radical leap forward in the science of muscle conditioning and development. The unique cable resistance system allows you to perform an unlimited number of exercises while varying each movement on an infinite number of angles and paths of motion. By relying on your muscles instead of the machine to define an exercise’s path of motion, you will develop control, coordination and the strength of your primary and secondary muscles. The result is the deepest muscle penetration possible and the maximum amount of muscle interaction with each repitition.

The versatility of this home gym is truly superior to that of traditional strength training machines. Perform every traditional strength training exercise, simulate sport specific movements as well as motions from your daily activities to increase strength, enhance endurance and reduce the risk of injury. Develop a powerful golf swing or an explosive backhand. Your options are limitless!

The Cable Action™ Home Gym features a precision machined 160Lb. weight stack centered on its heavy-duty 2" x 3" x 12 gauge high tensile strength steel mainframe with all-4-side welded construction. Extra thick, ultra comfortable and tear resistant DuraFirm™ seat pads and rollers provide a LIFETIME of support without ever bottoming out. The dual high pulley system with uniquely designed Extended Axis™ pulleys provides unrestricted range of motion and unlimited exercise variation. The Extended Axis™ mid pulley housings swivel vertically to greatly increase the range of motion for all exercise movements even at extreme angles such the seated shoulder press. The Leg Extension / Curl Station features thick, comfortable oversized rollers and a distinctively engineered elliptical cam that keeps the arc of movement smooth and constant through a full range of motion. The heavy gauge diamond plate platform provides maximum stability and anchors the front of the machine for all low pulley exercises.

The power, performance and versatility of Cable Action™ Technology will give you the body you want quickly, safely and best of all affordably! Includes 4 Soft-Handle Straps, 1 Utility Strap and a full color workout poster complete with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.


84" x 52"W x 73"D



Range of Motion on the EXM1900(Reference #exm1900pic)

Range of Motion on the EXM1900