EXM 1950 Home Gym EXM 1950 Home Gym(Reference #EXM1950)
Are you looking for a gym with exceptional features that will deliver big results? This gym is it. Tested, proven and confirmed it’s the culmination of a decade of technological innovation. The Iso-Flex Independent Press Arm System with 3D Motion allows you to replicate a free weight dumbbell workout when doing bench press, incline press, decline press, triceps press and pec fly exercises. No other gym in the industry will give you such smooth, fluid, unilateral or bilateral movement in unlimited three-dimensional space with full range of motion.

Topped off with a heavy-gauge 2" x 3" steel mainframe with all-4-side welded construction, a 160 Lb. weight stack (expandable to 210 Lbs.) and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on absolutely everything... this gym is truly "exceptional".

Shown with optional Rubber Flooring #RF46 available at right.

83 in H X 69 in L x 42 in W



Optional Leg Press / Calf Press Attachment Optional Leg Press / Calf Press Attachment(Reference #LP195)
Optional Leg Press / Calf Press Attachment Operates on a 2:1 ratio that turns the 160 Lb. weight stack into an awesome 320 Lbs. of maximum resistance. Pivots on a sealed pillow block ball bearing system for the ultimate in strength, durability and friction-free performance. Ideal for quads, hams, glutes and calves. Gym width is 74" when attached. #LP195



Range of Motion on the EXM1950
Range of Motion on the EXM1950(Reference #exm1950-1)