BS 2750 Home Gym Bi-Angualr - Compact Size BS 2750 Home Gym Bi-Angualr - Compact Size(Reference #EXM2750s)
When you use the EXM-2750S, you're experiencing one of the most significant advances in exercise in the last 20 years... Bi-Angualr Technology. This exclusive, patented system delivers perfect biomechanical form throughout a full range of horizontal adduction movement. The precision built multi-directional resistance system produces 25% more muscle interaction by replicating free weight dumbell exercises. All in a guided, safe, full range-of-motion. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Bi-Angular Technology when doing a bench press, incline press and shoulder press. Additional exercises include pec flys, lat pull downs, tricep extensions, ab crunches, leg extensions, leg curls, seated rows, bicep curls and much, much more. Over fifty strength training, muscle conditioning, body shaping exercises can be done on the EXM-2750S. In-Home Lifetime Warranty On Everything. Forever. Period. 83"H x 69"L x 41"W