Multi-Gym with the Bi Angular Press Arm Multi-Gym with the Bi Angular Press Arm(Reference #EXM-2550S)
Space Age Design...

Health Club Quality.

The New EXM-2550S Multi Station Gym features the latest in design advancement for the fitness industry - "Bi-Angular Technology". This new innovation in the science of motion creates the best feeling workout you will ever experience through a controlled and guided converging movement. Our unique patented linkage system allows the machine to move through a natural plane of motion with the body and eliminates stress and strain on your shoulders, elbows and wrists while maximizing muscular development. A similar principal is applied to our "perfect pec" station that allows you to simulate the dumbell fly while your resistance remains constant through the entire exercise movement. In short, the EXM-2550S removes all the guesswork from your workout routine by creating several biomechanically correct exercise stations that allow you to target all six major muscle groups in the comfort of your own home...on your own schedule. 83"H x 73"L x 50"W


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Body Solid EXM 2550 Leg Press(Reference #LP-2550)
Leg Press / Calf Raise Station Operates on a 2 to 1 ratio that turns your 210 lb. weight stack into an awesome 420 lbs. of maximum resistance. Pivots on sealed pillow block ball bearing system for ultimae strength, durability and friction-free performance. Ideal for working quads, hams, glutes and calves. #LP-20


Body Solid EXM 2550 Leg Press