Iron Flex Free Weight Gym  Iron Flex Free Weight Gym (Reference #EXM-1050)
Power By Design.

The Iron-Flex Gym: A product of engineering excellence, design durability and state-of-the-art technology. It fits into limited space yet offers unlimited exercise versatility. Best of’s built to withstand the most punishing workouts. Over 100 exercises can be performed with this innovative, patented gym. Our unique 4-bar linkage system with precision pillow block bearings provides the smoothest, most comfortable direct-drive free weight movement available. The advanced steel alloy mainframe offers exceptional strength while the low-profile design contributes to excellent stability. It’s a sleek, smooth free weight machine that has all the built-in safety features possible. It’s a machine built for producing explosive strength and power.


This item is excellant for small spaces, apartments, and for people that want a full workout. Safty is number one, as you do not need a spotter with this free weight system. Mom, Dad, and the teenagers can get a complete workout. Great for the individual or the whole family.

OVER 100 Exercises Available!