Kettler Prisma Weight Station Kettler Prisma Weight Station(Reference #KITTLER18092)
This compact power station provides the perfect workout for general fitness and strength training. The butterfly station, latissimus pulley tower, leg curl and pulley ropes provide a variety of exercises for a versatile fitness routine. Complete with instructions for 25 detailed exercises. Includes 110 lbs/50 kg total weight.



Kettler Body Center Flex Band Station (Reference #KETTLER18176)
Two people can get a whole body workout at the same time – without weights, silently and in very little space. By simply adjusting the rubber bands, you can convert the machine from bench press into a latissimus station or from an adductor into an abductor trainer. The resistance is provided by eight rubber bands (11 lbs/5 kg, 22 lbs/10 kg, 33 lbs/15 kg and 55 lbs/25 kg) which can be combined either way. Includes detailed instructions for 20 exercises.

Unit 1: training bench with height adjustable seat for bench and shoulder pressing; convertible for rowing, latissimus and arm pulleys; variable leg curler.

Unit 2: training bench with adjustable back rest; butterfly and back trainer, adductors and abductors trainer; length adjustable leg press.


Kettler Body Center Flex Band Station