Lifeline® Off the Wall Gym 2000 Lifeline® Off the Wall Gym 2000(Reference #100551GYM)
The off the wall gym offers all the full-body exercise benefits of expensive home units or health clubs at a fraction of the expense. Instructional video included. Order by Item Number.

100551 Gym and video or 100903 Video only

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Doorway Gym System - Easy Setup TakeDown(Reference #8638)
Portable Door Gym

Great for weight loss, gaining strength, reducing stress and cardiovascular conditioning. This portable gym offers over 30 great strength and body toning exercises to condition and tone all your major muscle groups including chest, back, abs, legs, shoulders and arms. Easy to install to virtually any door. Compact design allows unit to be portable. Set includes video and instruction booklet. Great item to take to college, or for extended trips.

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Doorway Gym System - Easy Setup TakeDown